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728 N. Park Armory Building
P.O. Box 1321
Thermopolis, WY 82443

Phone (307) 864-3767
Hot Springs County Recreation District does not provide medical insurance to cover participants in any activity. This is the responsibility of each individual in any District program or activity.

Girls Youth Basketball Registration will be starting on December 5. Adult Basketball will be starting up in January.



4:30-5:30- 3-5 yr old Ballet/Tap Combo

7-8 - 9-12 yr old Tap

8-9 - 9-12 yr old Jazz/Hip Hop


4:30-5:30 - 6-8 yr old Tap

5:30-6:30 - 9-12 yr old Ballet

6:30-7:30 - 6-8 yr old Ballet/Jazz Combo


7:45 - 8:45 - Adult Ballroom Dance

Stretching & Strengthing Yoga

The Recreation District is offering Yoga at the Armory.  Pay at the class to the instructor.  Any questions or concerns please contact the Recreation Office at 864-3767
Fee: $5 per session
Monday - Noon - 12:45 - Breathing/Easy Movement Class
Monday -5:30-6:45pm
Tuesday - 8-9am
Wednesday - 8-9am
Thursday - Noon-1pm
Thursday - 5:30-6:30pm
Instructor:  Darcy Axtell - 307-921-0605
Marge's Sessions:  
Monday's & Thursday's - 9am-10:30am 
Pickle ball
Dates:  Ongoing 
Days/Times:  Monday's 6:30-8am, Tuesday's 6:30-8:30pm, Wednesday's 6:30-8am, Thursday's 7-8:30pm, and Friday's 6:30-8am (when not in use by other district activities)
Location:  Armory Gym (When nice weather, program will move to tennis courts at Candy Jack Park)
Fee:  Varies depending on preference; inquire within Recreation Office
Ages:  Primarily adults of all ages, youth under 18 will need permission from Recreation Office
Pickle ball is the fastest growing sport in America today.  Pickle ball is a mixture of Tennis and Ping Pong.  Pickle ball is a great sport for flexibilty and heart rate.  It is very popular with retirees and older population.  It is played on a smaller court than tennis but you use a paddle larger than that of ping pong.  Rules are similar to those in both the other sports.  We are offering pickle ball to the public at various times to accommodate busy schedules.  No experience required.  Regular attendees will be more than happy to explain the game for new-comers.  Paddles, balls, and nets provided but fill free to bring your own.  For more information or questions, please contact the Recreation Office at 864-3767 or by email at j.collins@hscrecreation.com
The Recreation District is seeking imput from the community on new programming and classes to be offered by the Recreation District.  If you have an idea, please don't hesitate to contact us and tell us all about it.  Our mission is to provide recreational and educational oppurtunities to our community.  If it is a program or class we fill that is fesable, we will work it out to put on that certain class or program.  Email to j.collins@hscrecreation.com or call us at 864-3767.  Thank you and we look forward to hearing your imput.


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